Andy Corner was born (August 03) and raised in Glasgow Scotland, and lives with Mum, Dad and younger brother.

His musical influence comes from bands including My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy and Black Veil Brides to name but a few.


Andy was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 9, and despite the issues this causes with his day to day interactions and social situations, doesn’t let it hold back from his performing live music in pubs around Central Scotland.

His Acoustic Rock guitar and powerful vocals has earned him a very positive reputation in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, where he has many many supportive people (both those organising, and friends met through attending these events) willing to help and encourage him with his desire and love of playing live music.

Andy got his first guitar for Christmas 2013, a stratocaster copy, and Dad taught him the basic chords to Wonderwall (Oasis) and Highway to Hell (AC/DC).

The guitar however was left untouched for most of 2014.

For Christmas 2014, he got an acoustic guitar, which is when his love for playing and singing began.

He is 100% self taught from that point onwards, and his confidence and ability have developed over the year or so he has played.

He first performed in front of an audience in January 2016, when on attending a Gavin Hastie gig at The Elbe Room in Edinburgh, Gavin invited him to play a few songs to open for him after hearing him play 2 songs in the flat prior to going to the gig.

He attended the Clutha Kids at the Clutha in Glasgow in early March 2016 and played a few songs there. From there Ashley Crossan put him in touch with Mick Hargan at the Sunday Song Club at the Waverley Tea Rooms, where he performed for the second time in a day.

Since then there has been no looking back, with Andy frequently going along to showcases in Glasgow; the Clutha Kids with Billy Coyle and Ashley Crossan, and the Song and Supper Club at the Amethyst in Govan with Mick Hargan.

Andy is also frequent performer in The Pressure Valve Events in Edinburgh with Phil Ramsay at the Bound*ary Bar and Leith Beer Company, and has done a few support and open mic slots at The Elbe Room with Gavin Hastie.

While his current performances are mostly covers from his favourite bands listed above, plus the ocassional Oasis, Goo Goo Dolls (and even Justin Beiber) track thrown in, he has been songwriting as long as he has been playing.

He has yet to be persuaded to record or perform his own material, but we all hope this will happen during 2016 as his confidence in performing and in his ability grows.

He can be followed on his Facebook page AndyCornerMusic or via this webpage where links are posted, on the links page, for recent video clips of gigs he has performed at and details of up coming gigs and showcases where you can see him perform in person.

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