On 19th June 2017 Andy turned up for the ‘open mike’ night at The Stables, Cumbernauld.

This was his first visit to the venue, and it seems to have gone down well.

The photographer who provides photographs and videos for the owners of The Stables, posted a great photo of Andy and said this of his performance

“Next on was a newcomer young Andy aged 13 years, when I saw him adjusting his guitar strap to extra long I just knew that he would sing with attitude, controlled attitude I say after hearing his excellent performance.  I don’t know if this will be insulting or not but there are plenty Punk bands out there that Andy would be right at home in a few years time.  You could build a band round this younger’s talent and presentation on stage. one of many excellent performances on the night and I’m glad I witnesses it.  He mentioned that he was out of practice, lets hope he graces us with his presence again as he gets up to speed.  When you hear David whooping and hollering that is a good bench mark in my book.  Perhaps a duet with David where they would outdo each other in reaching the high notes wise.”

The Stables also kindly put a video on FaceBook click here

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